About us
Message from LND System
CEO Sun-kee Kim.
Since 1995 domestic TV home shopping has launched, it become a new symbol of retail revolution in the 21st century and it is still continued to grow in high-speed.
Due to high profit revenues, it has expanded not only professional TV home shopping into 7 channels but also, in growing specialized home shopping companies using by a variety of media such as Internet, Informatics, DM and Newspapers. However, in spite of good products and sourcing capability, in other side of business growth, there are in lack of operating shopping experiences, systems paralysis and hard competition on leading business starters.
Our LND Systems has launched, together with domestic TV home shopping in 1995, and adapt to configure operating experienced professionals to set shopping computerized system in 1999 as a Home Shopping Solutions Company, and to provide services as highest level on home shopping technology to those who lack of experienced and difficulties in system administration companies up to the Present.
Our company is providing wide range services such as shopping system development, maintenance, call center outsourcing, logistics ASP, etc. which corporate needs in appropriate services by concentrating our competencies to all of our corporate and customers as an absolute necessary partner.
Through the customers' success, LND Systems will do our best efforts to promote the growth / development of the Solutions.
Thank you.